Message from Asst Campus Chief

Message from Assistant Campus Chief

I am very pleased to inform that Triyuga Janata Multiple Campus running diploma level along with new orientation in Humanities. At present, Social work, Rural Development, Sociology, Economics, Nepali and History are major subjects. Among them Social work and Rural Development are core teaching subjects at this Campus.

Social work is fundamentally a multidisciplinary course drawing the concept from different social sciences. Thus, Social work education focuses on a complete schooling of undergraduate. The undergraduate will get knowledge through class , field work, social work activities, preparation of a report in each year and get refinement through various exposures working in a field work, a team work, lead the group respect the senior or aging people, ready to help the needing people as well as disaster stricken people .

The domain of social work is aging people, disabled people, single woman headed family, Street children, deviant youth, traffic women and many more. The students are encouraged to be self-negation, transparent, hard worker, respect the norms and values of the society and work for humanity.

Likewise, Rural Development helps to understand the issues of rural development and solving problems practically regarding Social, Economic, Political and Environment sectors. The Students should submit 40 marks in Social Work, 20 marks in Rural Development and Sociology in each of the papers in first , second and third term examinations. The Sociology which can be taken as one the major subject leaving Social Work. It imparts up-to-date knowledge about Nepalese Society and methods including primary training in field work and secondary data analysis after the completion of the study.

It also indicates in the students the spirit of human rights and social justice. Other subjects Economics, History and Nepali are high value.

I as a Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Science assured our Guardians, Students, Stake holders and well-wisher that we want to make our Graduates a Leader, Visionary and sensible person of the Society .

Therefore we extend our arms to N.G.O, I.N.G.O, and Local Government for mutual co-operation to each other. We’ll provide you energetic social mobilizer, Researcher or coordinator for the overall development of the country. Don’t believe in my words trust in our graduates from Triyuga Janata Multiple Campus.

Thanks All

Nawraj Khatiwada
Assistant Campus Chief (Humanities)

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