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Message from Campus Chief

Triyuga Janata Multiple Campus is a sacred institution established by the community, run by the community and unremittingly wedded to the service to the community per se. From the very standpoint of quality education , the influence expansion of service area, diverse facilities , better report with stakeholders and the management of produced manpower, the campus-I declare with the sense of humble pride has already turned a leading and eminent educational hub in the whole of Sagarmatha zone.

One can find well-experienced, dedicated and skilled teaching staff, rich and well-resourced library and students-targeted varied facilities in the campus besides, in order to render educational programs more effective and result-oriented, it is getting engaged in the level of implementation with forming concrete action plans. That is why, dear students! You will not have to leave for Kathmandu or Biratnagar paying exorbitant fee just for the study of +2 and bachelor level under education, humanities and management streams. Currently, the campus is running professional and technical, skill-oriented program. As it is an opportunity to people in the province-1. I urge you all to be benefitted from it also.


We are striving to set an example of the fact that even non-profit making; purely community college can provide quality education, skills, diverse facilities and effective services.Hence, dear parents and students! To take a stock of our ground reality, please visit our campus, we offer our hearty welcome to you.




Ramesh Chandra Roka

Campus Chief

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